Artist's Statement

The strongest painters just paint. One should never assume that their creations can or should be translated from paint to words, or vice-versa. There is no decipherable hidden logic behind an expression that demands abstract intuition. It is all shifting and unassuming. The more I should say, the less you can shape your own. A mathematician will see something differently in what I do than, say, a dancer. Thatís the idea. No right or wrong Ė just ones own personal interpretation.

Keeping this theory in mind, I can attempt to talk about my work without limiting it. I took my years of schooling in color theory, conceptualism, figurative studies and representational likeness, and am currently creating "expression-scapes" in paint that includes everything I have learned thus far.

Iím fascinated by the texture of paint and the shapes and movements it can make. However, I do not want to be labeled an abstractionist. Tired of representation, I wanted forms that the viewer could relate to, but I did not want to paint perfect photographs that left nothing for a viewerís imagination to evaluate, either.

Aided by the abstract expressionists goal of "automatism" or "automatic painting", I try to create as instinctually as possible. Once form, shape and color are laid down, refining eventually occurs. This includes enhancing certain colors, creating light source, layering, sanding down and studying pieces for long periods of time.

Pulling out and expounding upon what is in ones own unconsciousness is nothing short of an extraordinary task. When others view this on a wall, similarities in individual patterns of understanding are recognized, archetypes equaled. Abstract intuition accesses mysteries behind human life and the meaning and suffering involved.